Achievement Wraps!

What is the Achievement Wraps Program?

Basically, think of it like belts in martial arts -- only it's with wraps.
After you've attended a certain amount of Kickboxing classes you'll be eligible to test for your next color of wraps.

Is this program mandatory? And how much does it cost?

This program is completely optional. There's no cost other than your wraps. And, after you buy your initial wraps at regular price ($12), you'll get all additional pairs for half off ($6).

How does it work?

There are 3 aspects to the program:
1. Attendance -- The most important aspect will be attendance. You must attend a certain number of Kickboxing classes in order to test for each level

2. Testing -- You'll also be tested before or after class on skills you'll be developing in class

3. Body Transformation -- If you'd like, we'll also do a weigh in, measurements, and a progress picture so that you can see your body's transformation as you go
How many classes do I have to attend before I'm able to test?

Our flyer walks you through each of the levels:

The purpose of this program is to provide you with a fun and engaging way to stay focused on your goals.

It can be hard to set a goal of "working out 3x a week for the rest of my life".

But setting bite-sized goals of getting to your next color wrap is perfect for motivating you every step of the way.

And, if you choose to include the Body Transformation Tracking, you'll be consistently held accountable to checking in on your weight loss or strength building goals every time you test.

What about Boot Camp classes?

Those won't count toward your wraps

But don't worry. We're working on a level-based program for that class as well.
How do I know what level I can test for?

Login to your Wellness Living account by clicking here.

Go to Profile.

Then click on Overview.

From the Overview page, you can see what rank you currently have:

And what rank you're eligible for:

2) What do I need to know for the test??

I'm glad you asked. :-)

You can download the testing requirements here.

We've also got tutorials ("toots" as I like to say) on each of the levels.

Click the image to go to the Testing Card. Within each Testing Card are video links.

We've also given each rank its own playlist on our Youtube Channel.

For Yellow wraps click the image >>

<< For Orange wraps click the image 

For Green wraps click the image >>

<< For Blue wraps click the image 

Looking forward to celebrating your success with you!

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