Lose Weight By Eating For Pleasure

Lose Weight By Eating For Pleasure

If you’re like me, you have a habit of scarfing down your meals so that you can get back to whatever it is you’re doing.

Food becomes less of a beauty in life and more of a necessary evil.

Especially if you add strict dieting to the mix.

Now food is no longer about pleasure at all.

It’s about managing calories, avoiding guilty cravings, and rewarding yourself with junk food from time to time.

In an article written by my girlfriend on her own weight loss and dieting blog, Sarah talks about finding pleasure in food by slowing down your eating and taking the time to notice the flavor and tastes in your meals.

This approach will seem tough at first.

But as your sensitivity to taste develops, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try this approach sooner.

From my experience, I started cooking about 3 meals a week at home.

Big meals.

That way they would last me throughout the week.

I talk about that strategy a lot, known as Batch Cooking.

After almost a year of doing this, I started to really notice a difference in the quality of the foods I was eating.

I started to crave good quality foods more and more.

Foods that not only tasted good, but made me feel healthier inside as well.

It’s this sensitivity to food that has made healthy eating enjoyable, not just something I do to stay in shape.

Now I can’t help but grimace at the thought of a fast food cheeseburger.

I actually WANT to eat things that both taste delicious (not your typical processed conglomerate of fats, sugars, and salts) but also nourish me as I eat.

By learning to pay attention, I can feel the energy I get from the foods that I eat.

Or the crappy, weighed down feeling I get if I eat chemical-loaded crap.

I recommend trying it out and seeing what it does for you!


Coach Forrest

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