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  • 7 Reasons Why Boot Camp Workouts Are Better Than Cardio?

    7 Reasons Why Boot Camp Workouts Are Better Than Cardio? If you’re like me and hate jumping on a treadmill for an hour every day, try using a Boot Camp style workout instead. Fitness Boot Camps (not to be confused with Military Boot Camps–TRUST ME. DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE ?? ) use a unique training formula known as “HIIT”. This stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Many of our Boot Camp and Fitness Kickboxing members who take our classes never even know that what they’re doing is based on the HIIT training protocol. There’s a lot to it, but basically you want to alternate short bursts of high intensity exercise with brief periods of ....

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  • How Do I Keep The Weight Off After I Lose It?

    How Do I Keep The Weight Off After I Lose It?
    1. Establish Habits
    Heard this one from me before? ?? Remember, the biggest problem with a lot of diets is that they don’t have a very good plan for how to keep the weight off. So make sure that you’re setting yourself up for the long term. Roller coaster rides are only fun at theme parks.
    2. Change up your workout
    I’m not just saying this as a way to combat boredom in your workouts. The more you do the same exercise over and over, the more efficient your body gets at it and the less calories it’ll burn to do it. That’s why our gym is structured the way that it is–in order to offer plenty of variety ....

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  • Your #1 Reason For Working Out

    Your #1 Reason For Working Out Motivation is about finding your “WHY” According to Tony Robbins, the key to finding the motivation to make lasting change lies in discovering and focusing on your WHY. If you have a big enough “WHY”, you’ll figure out the “HOW”. Start by taking 5-10 mins to write down why you want to workout. What’s the most meaningful part of accomplishing your goals for you ?

    Unhealthy reasons
    Getting clear on why you want to workout can help you to see clearly what it is that drives you and to decide if those are the best reasons, or if it would be better to find new reasons. Sometimes insecurities help us by ....

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  • How Can I Still Workout & Eat Healthy If I Don’t Have Time?

    How Can I Still Workout & Eat Healthy If I Don’t Have Time? I’ve been there. Swamped by work. Exhausted by stress. Trying to find time for working out and preparing healthy meals can sometimes feel impossible.
    1. Priorities
    This isn’t a “You’re just making excuses” article. But it’s important to focus on the real issue, which isn’t time. The issue is one of priorities, and learning how to manage them.
    “You always have time for the things you put first”
    I remember first hearing that quote. It’s one of my favorites now. In a church class I attended as a kid, a teacher took a jar and attempted to fill it ....

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  • Mondays

    Mondays Mondays are infamous for bringing with them a lot of bad things. There’s the beginning of work. The new diet. The stress of traffic. Time away from family. Have I depressed you yet? ?? Mondays aren’t always exciting to look forward to, but that’s why it’s awesome to get started with your fitness routine. Exercise gets rid of all that pent up stress. And it brings you loads of energy. Find a gym (perhaps us??) and start getting your workout on! It’s the perfect formula for combating those Monday blues. Who knows–you may actually find that you love it and you’ll start looking forward to each new Monday as a fresh start ....

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  • The 13 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

    The 13 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss
    1. The Scale is God
    The scale is a quick and easy way to measure change. However, it’s one of the most ineffective ways to measure weight loss and progress. I go into more detail in an entire article devoted to why the scale can be a poor measure of success .
    2. Cardio is King
    Cardio had its moment to shine. After all, it was the first method of weight loss to really get a lot of attention. But that’s all yesterday’s news. Nowadays, Trainers are being taught more effective ways to lose weight that are much more fun, quick, and effective.
    3. Weight Lifting makes you Bulky
    Sure, it can. But it doesn’t have to. ....

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