Coach Ivan Kickboxing Fitness Instructor

Coach Ivan

Coach Ivan is known around the gym for his ability to motivate and cheer his students on.

His own experience with injury and the struggle to get back in shape helped mold his positive outlook.

“I was on a roll with my boxing training until I sprinted after a ball playing soccer and herniated my back. I was depressed dealing with pain/numbness in my left leg until I decided to get surgery.” He wasn’t able to do any training for 6 weeks after the surgery. He started to gain weight from the lack of activity, and found comfort in food.

A stern realization turned the tide: “One day I told myself, ‘I’m either going to get better one day at a time or I’m going to make myself worse. The choice to make a change is my responsibility, and no one is going to make it for me.’”

That mental shift gave him the motivation he needed. His physical condition didn’t change over night. But it gave him the grit and force-of-will to show up for himself every day, “all the way to where now I’m a coach!”

This experience also gives him unique insight into what someone embarking on a new health journey experiences.

“Although much of the pain is physical, most of your success comes from your mental strength. Becoming successful requires some commitment, some sacrifice, some perseverance, and a good attitude.” His class is great place to nurture this mental strength. He designs challenging workouts. You can expect him to explain the muscles you’re working and to guide you through the movements, but then you’ll see him work out and sweat with you during the class.

“What I love about fitness training and our gym is that anytime you are there you are making some sort of progress. You’ll make friends you’ll do workouts that are more enjoyable than a treadmill, and you’ll start to build confidence in your ability to do something healthy for yourself. It’s a great way to stay strong in your body, your heart, and your mind.”

Classes: Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Kickboxing/Bootcamp Combo

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