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Join us in Wells Branch today for the best family friendly martial arts and fitness instruction in town. We're dedicated to your success and we prove that every single day with high-quality instruction, individualized attention, and a support system that few gyms can match. Whether you're a beginner just hoping to get in better shape or you've been training for years and you want to take your skills to the next level, we've got exactly what you're looking for.

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I have now been at Fighting Fit for over two years, and I still love it! They have grown and added a lot of different classes and formats. I know the 6 week fitness challenges have been very popular, but I still stick with the bootcamp. It is consistently something I look forward to in my week. When I come home from vacation, I get excited to come back to Fighting Fit, ha ha.

Even after two years, the workouts don't get stale, and I continue to learn from the amazing coaches and staff. I also still notice results such as muscle tone, endurance, and sleeping better. Despite growing and adding coaches, they have maintained the family feel of the place. Coaches really put in the effort to get to know each person as an individual, to understand their goals and to be their fitness mentor.

It doesn't get any better than Fighting Fit. If you are looking for a comfortable place to start a fitness routine for a reasonable price, you should definitely check them out! I recommend them to everyone!

Pflugerville Fitness classed

David C.

Just in one visit to try out the facility I was initially very intimidated to go into "uncharted" territory. It had been a long time to have a hard core workout. However, it was well worth it! The trainer, Ian was great in making sure we all were doing well and if we needed to modify the exercise to ease into it to do it. Forrest was also very helpful in talking prices. Overall very impressed.

Wells Branch Fitness Classes

Jeanette S.

I have been going to Fighting Fit Boot Camp since Jan 2017 and it has been such a change to my life. The trainer are so amazing they are so motivating and encouraging to meet your goals. I went into this thinking I am going to try it but I don't know if I will be able to stick it out due to 2 knee surgeries. I could barely kick the bottom of the bag and I could not do a sit up or a plank never did i feel like I stood out. Now I can do a plank and a sit up or more and I know I can push myself and reach the extra mile. I went in at the heaviest ever 395 lbs now weighing 215 lbs I wore a size 22/24 and now wear 14/15. I have muscle now and I am toned more than I thought was possible and I am so thankful for the day I walked into this gym for a 6 week challenge to try something new. This gym is more family than a gym. I'm thank each and everyone of the coaches for helping me and pushing me to reach my goals.

Pflugerville Fitness classed

Prissy N.

This little gym in Pflugerville is a true gem! The coaching staff is motivated to help and they encourage each member to meet their personal goals. No workout is the same. No routine is so set in stone that it cannot be modified to work better for your body and your challenge level. This is truly the best little workout in Texas!

Wells Branch Fitness Classes

Patti R.

I found this gym from a sponsored add on Facebook advertising a 6 week Get Fit Challenge. This gym is awesome, and what makes it so great are the people. They are friendly yet tough, always encouraging and every workout is fun and challenging. The classes are small (about 6-12 people), so it is very personal and coaches know everyone by name, genuinely care about how we are doing, and have exercise modifications if needed. I just finished the 6 week challenge and I feel great! I lost a few pounds and a couple inches around my waist and hips, and gained muscle. Prior to this challenge, I had no experience with boxing or kickboxing. I love it and wanted more, so I decided to continue with a membership. They were not pushy about memberships, their classes speak for themselves. I am truly grateful for this experience and the coaches at Fighting Fit Boot Camp.

Wells Branch Fitness Classes

Brittany B.

I signed up for the 6 weeks challenge in order to motivate my self and to get back into martial arts. The class was great for both new and returning martial artists. You learn the proper technique while also getting a great workout in. The coaches are great at keeping you motivated and working hard when you feel like you've got nothing else. After completing the 6 weeks challenge I had lost around 5% of my total body fat! I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Pflugerville Fitness classed

Gates G.

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