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  • 9 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

    9 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight What do you do when you’re exercising and eating right, but the scale just doesn’t seem to want to go down? Yeah, it’s frustrating. There could be a lot of things going on, but here are 9 common reasons that tend to surface regularly. And they have nothing to do with your genes or thyroid. ??
    1. You’re eating larger servings than you realize.
    Eating a serving of ice cream really isn’t that bad. However, have you ever actually measured yourself out a “serving” of ice cream? I think it’s 1/2 cup. Go pick up your 1/2 cup measuring cup and ask yourself if that’s a normal portion for you. ....

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  • Eat Like A Boss!

    Eat Like A Boss! I think it was Michael Pollan who first said it, but… If you want an easy way to live healthy and fit, “Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a Pauper.”
    This is usually the opposite of how the western diet generally goes. Breakfast is often fast paced, something quick to choke down so you can run out the door. Lunch is a chance to relax a bit more and take your time before getting back to the grindstone. And dinner is the main event, often eaten in front of the tv as we unwind from a hectic day. Flipping that strategy can be a bit tough at first. But it’s worth it if you want to create a lasting habit of ....

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  • Don’t Let Guilt Run Your Life

    Don’t Let Guilt Run Your Life There are a lot of great reasons to lose weight and get in shape. But trying to guilt-trip ourselves into it is often counter-productive. It’s counter-productive because it not only doesn’t usually work, but it actually makes it even harder to accomplish your goals.
    Guilt can serve us to a point, but it can also turn into shame
    When we do something bad, it can be good to feel guilt for it. Guilt reminds us that how we’re behaving isn’t matching what we truly value. And feeling guilty from time to time can offer us a stern wake up call to help keep us back on track. But I often hear people saying things like “I ....

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  • What Is The #1 Factor In Weight Loss Success?

    What Is The #1 Factor In Weight Loss Success? Drum roll please…
    It’s who you surround yourself with
    That’s right. The single biggest factor in your success at weight loss, or anything else in life, is the friends and family that you spend the most time with.
    Support & Accountability
    In our 6 Week Body Transformation Program I teach people about the 3 Major Keys To Weight Loss:

    Correct Game Plan


    I can provide the best Game Plan for you, but I don’t have as much control over the Support and Accountability aspects. Luckily, in our 6 Week Program, you have teammates supporting you as they go through the program themselves–and ....

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  • Winning The Battle Of Getting To The Gym

    Winning The Battle Of Getting To The Gym Getting to the gym is half the battle. It’s probably the most important battle, too. After all, once you’re there you’re probably feeling a little pumped for your workout. So, how do you win that first battle?
    Make YOU a Top Priority
    There are a lot of things you probably need to do each day, isn’t there? But really, which ones are going to pay off the most down the road. Think about the things that have gotten in the way of you going to the gym in the past. How many of them still seem extremely important to you today? Often, we get caught up in the things that scream “URGENT!” so loudly that we ....

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  • Which Diet Is Best For Losing Weight?

    Which Diet Is Best For Losing Weight?
    Diets manipulate calories and/or macro-nutrients
    Calories are a measure of the energy in your food. If you eat more calories than you burn, your body is likely to hold onto those extras and store them in undesirable places like the belly, hips and thighs. Macro-nutrients are a name given to the 3 major nutrients found in food. Fat, Carbs, and Protein. Our bodies react differently to these 3 nutrients. In fact, one of the coolest discoveries in nutrition has been that these nutrients can actually effect whether or not our bodies hold onto extra calories that we eat as tightly as they can or if they let some of them go easier.
    Most strict diets ....

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  • 8 Ways You Can Get More Sleep

    8 Ways You Can Get More Sleep I use to be a night owl, but it often led to missing out on much needed sleep come morning. Not only does it feel crappy to wake up to a loud alarm clock when you’re still tired, but missing out on sleep will sabotage your weight loss efforts. How? It lowers willpower, increases your cravings for sweets, releases cortisol–which burns muscle, and it slows down your metabolism. Here is the formula that I used to get into the habit of going to bed earlier.
    1. Have dinner already prepared
    Coming home and having to cook dinner can eat into your time pretty quickly. So prepare dinner in advance. Crock Pot recipes are a great way to ....

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  • Lose Weight By Eating For Pleasure

    Lose Weight By Eating For Pleasure If you’re like me, you have a habit of scarfing down your meals so that you can get back to whatever it is you’re doing. Food becomes less of a beauty in life and more of a necessary evil. Especially if you add strict dieting to the mix. Now food is no longer about pleasure at all. It’s about managing calories, avoiding guilty cravings, and rewarding yourself with junk food from time to time. In an article written by my girlfriend on her own weight loss and dieting blog, Sarah talks about finding pleasure in food by slowing down your eating and taking the time to notice the flavor and tastes in your meals. This approach will ....

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  • Can A 100 lb Girl Fight Off A Bigger Man?

    Can A 100 lb Girl Fight Off A Bigger Man? Yes. Check out this video: [0:42 sec]
    With that out of the way, though, let me say that self defense isn’t necessarily about winning a fight. It’s about escaping danger safely. Here are 5 keys to Self Defense that you should know.

    1. Be an opponent, not a victim
    When a lion’s hungry, does he go after the strongest animal in the herd? No. He goes after the weakest. That’s how a HUMAN PREDATOR thinks as well. To a predator, attacks are neither RANDOM nor SENSELESS.
    There’s an entire thought-pattern that goes into how they choose a target–one that we cover in our FAST Defense ....

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  • How Long Does It Take To Lose 20-30 lbs?

    How Long Does It Take To Lose 20-30 lbs?
    1-3 lbs of weight loss each week is healthy
    If you’re eating right and exercising right you can expect to lose 1-3 lbs of fat each week. Of course, don’t become overly consumed with the number on the scale–it’s only a guide. There are better ways of tracking your weight loss, like how your clothes fit. I go into more depth on better ways to track weight loss than the scale , so check it out if you’d like. Having said that, depending on how much extra weight you’re trying to lose and how healthy you’ve been living up to now, you may see much more substantial weight loss initially. This is often due ....

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  • Workout With Coach Pete

    Workout With Coach Pete Pete is one of my martial arts students. He’s been training in martial arts and fitness for several years now. I was grateful to get him on our team because he’s very knowledgeable, he’s great with people, and he loves working out. I don’t know too many other people with a dedication to self improvement like he has. He teaches some of the morning classes, and the Tues night classes.
    So, without further ado, here’s Pete: We had a lot of fun putting this workout video together for you, and if you think creating these videos is easy, here’s a Gag Reel for ya ??
    : Broken down, his workout looks like this: ....

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  • 8 Reasons Why You Must Make A Choice How To Live NOW!

    8 Reasons Why You Must Make A Choice How To Live NOW!
    The problems only get worse if you wait
    Last year I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning. Turned out I had some cavities. I found out it was going to cost over $200 PER CAVITY since I didn’t have insurance. Ouch! So I put off getting the work done, thinking that I’d eventually save up enough to go back (really I was just ignoring it). Finally one of my teeth basically started giving me the middle finger and I had to go back to the dentist right away. Because I had ignored my cavities, I now had a $2,000 root canal on my hands! And that was just for 1 tooth. The sad reality is that the longer you wait to make ....

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  • 7 Easy Changes You Can Make Now & Get Results

    7 Easy Changes You Can Make Now & Get Results
    Pre-Make 1 meal a week –> Crock Pot
    This is my favorite change because it’s so simple, saves you a ton of time in the long run, gives you full control over your meal, and is actually a lot of fun when you get the hang of it. The only part that takes some getting used to is brushing up on your cooking skills and setting aside the time to cook it. However, both of these are easily resolved by just using a crock pot. The crock pot is almost like cheating. With no skill and no free time you can still be fixing up amazing dinners like it’s nobody’s business. Of course, the key to this whole ....

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  • Trainer Success Story With Coach Pete

    Trainer Success Story With Coach Pete The Success Stories that I send out aren’t just to show you how well our programs do at helping people lose weight. I send them out because everybody that succeeds has figured out what works best for them.
    And everybody’s approach is different. That’s why I dig in and find out what it is that they’re doing to achieve that success.
    Because I know that you might be able to take their strategies and make them work for you.
    So this month I have Coach Pete, sharing the keys to his own success as well as some of the goals he has now as a Fitness Trainer. Since I met Pete, he has always been an avid fitness enthusiast. ....

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  • Be Thin By Eating Like A Baby

    Be Thin By Eating Like A Baby In one of my previous blog articles I mentioned that my girlfriend started her own blog, all about her own journey through dieting and weight loss. If you’ve ever struggled through the roller coaster of losing weight, then gaining it back again, then losing it again, then gaining it again, you’ll be able to relate with her. In this article that I’m about to share, she simplifies what actually worked for her. Instead of jumping on the dieting bandwagon, she recommends giving up dieting altogether. In fact, she turns to research that’s been done on babies to show how natural healthy eating can and should be. So, if you like the ....

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  • 8 Of The Best Exercises For Weight Loss

    8 Of The Best Exercises For Weight Loss
    How you exercise is important
    Although we’re talking about specific exercises, I just want to mention that there’s more to the weight loss puzzle than just the exercise. There’s a formula, a pattern of exercising, that combines all of the best exercises into a fat burning powerhouse. I’ve covered the method elsewhere , so today I’ll just focus on some of the specific exercises themselves.
    Compound exercises
    The best exercises for weight loss are known as “Compound exercises”. A compound exercise is one where you’re combining a lot of movements at once. Curls with a dumbbell are a good ....

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  • Tony’s Weight Loss Success Story

    Tony’s Weight Loss Success Story Tony is a member of our martial arts program, Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do.
    We competed in our first Golden Gloves Boxing tournament together, and I cornered him in his second one. So I’m especially grateful that he was willing to share his success story. The day I wanted to make a change was when I looked in the mirror and I was 35 lbs overweight.
    I could not recognize who I was anymore and my stress level had reached its peak.
    My anxiety was kicking in and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I asked myself, “Where was I before this and why did I let myself become this man that I did not recognize”? I started ....

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  • 10 Ways To Lose Weight While Saving Money

    10 Ways To Lose Weight While Saving Money The first time you decide to change up your lifestyle and start working out and eating healthy it can be a little daunting to see how much money you’re spending. Is it because living healthy is expensive? Not exactly. Once you’ve had a little more experience with your new lifestyle, you’ll find ways to lower those costs way down. Here are some suggestions to get you started saving money.
    If you’re a member of a gym, see if they have discounts for longer memberships.
    If you’ve been working out at a gym and you plan on staying for a while, see if they have cheaper options for signing up for a longer term. Of ....

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  • What To Eat To Lose Weight

    What To Eat To Lose Weight Today’s post is from an email I recently sent a member.
    Her question was, what does she eat if she wants to lose weight? There are so many delicious and healthy meals to make, it really comes down to what you like.
    Google Search recipes using Chicken, Fish, or even Beef
    (as long as you buy lean cuts).
    Make sure you’re eating a good portion of veggies with every meal.
    Steamed veggies are really easy to make and taste 100% better than the frozen stuff. Again, Google how to steam veggies if you’re unsure, but it only takes a few minutes.
    Always drink a glass of water with your meal.
    And avoid drinks with calories–in ....

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  • 5 Reasons Why Being Fit & Healthy Rocks!

    5 Reasons Why Being Fit & Healthy Rocks! There are some great reasons to live healthy and fit that far surpass any pleasure a doughnut or Lazy-Boy can bring. Here are 9 reasons why being healthy ROCKS!
    More energy
    It’s hard to live a kick-ass life when you’re running on fumes. Imagine waking up every morning with enthusiasm and drive. Imagine having at least twice as much energy as you have now to do the things you want to do.
    Look great in a swimsuit
    Although I like to preach on the life-improving benefits you receive by being healthy and fit, I’m not gonna lie– I love how it makes me feel about my body. I’m stuck with the face I’ve got ....

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  • 5 Reasons Why Working Out In The Morning Is Awesome!

    5 Reasons Why Working Out In The Morning Is Awesome! We’ve all heard the phrase “the early bird catches the worm”. And, when it comes to fitness, I truly believe those that make the switch to working out in the morning with us are in this secret club that has figured out how to get more out of their days. Working out in the morning is a habit that takes time to develop and adjust to like any other. I used to be that die-hard ‘NO WAY am I getting up to workout’ person. Then I fully committed to doing it for 21 days and haven’t looked back since.
    Here’s why:
    1. Start your day by accomplishing something
    This was an unexpected payoff, ....

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  • Top 4 Tips For Preventing Injuries

    Top 4 Tips For Preventing Injuries Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness path or you’ve been with us for a while, preventing injuries so you can continue to keep up on your fitness goals is important to us! Here are my top 4 tips for preventing injury
    – you’ll be happy to know they aren’t too complex!
    1. Warm up

    It helps your body get ready for more strenuous exercise.

    It safely increases your heart rate to get blood pumping oxygen to your muscles.

    It loosens your muscles and lubricates your joints
    Even if you’re running a little late for class, grab a jump rope for a couple minutes or run a lap before joining in. This ....

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  • 5 Ways to Reward Your Success

    5 Ways to Reward Your Success You’re doing great, kicking butt and working towards accomplishing your fitness and health goals. It’s human nature to want to celebrate and reward yourself for the progress you’ve made as well as motivate yourself to keep going. We’ve all been there and its a great place to be! Here are 5 quick suggestions if you’re drawing a blank on healthy ways to pat yourself on the back:

    Community 5k/Race
    There are so many non-traditional 5k races these days and it can be fun to push yourself outside and enjoy the benefits of all the work you’ve done inside the gym. I’ve done a couple Tough Mudders and smaller 5k mud ....

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  • Recover Quicker With These 5 Tips

    Recover Quicker With These 5 Tips I often get asked, “What can I do for my body to perform and recover better?” Its great to know that our members are thinking along these proactive lines! As a trainer and massage therapist, I see a lot people who push themselves at the gym but forget about the importance of what they do outside the gym.
    1. Hydrate
    This is always my #1 suggestion, as most of us are chronically dehydrated. Start your day by drinking a big glass of water to dehydrate from your night of sleep. A quick way to calculate the minimum
    amount of water you need to be drinking is to divide your body weight in half and drink that many ounces of water. So if you ....

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  • How Yoga Healed My Lower Back Pain

    How Yoga Healed My Lower Back Pain “Relax your hips!” he said. He pushed on my butt with the full weight of his 350 lb. frame. “I thought I was!” I half-yelled back at him. “You know how you said you carry all your stress in your shoulders?” he replied. “You don’t. It’s all in your hips. The next time you get another massage, make sure you tell them.” Then he proceeded to push on different areas of my posterior for the next 50 minutes. He was probably the best deep tissue massage therapist I had ever gone to. He specialized in sports-related tension, so he was exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, I only went ....

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  • Exercise vs Diet: Which is more important for weight loss?

    Exercising vs Dieting: Who Wins?
    This question is a bit like asking "Which is more important for driving -- Your front wheels or back wheels?" It's hard to go far without both. It's true that you can't out-exercise a bad diet. But the benefits of working out are tremendous.
    Body Shaping

    Dieting can take fat off your body. But working out makes you the sculptor of your body. You can literally shape your body to look how you'd like it to look. In other words, dieting can take inches off your butt -- but working out can give you THAT ASS :-)
    Keeps You Young

    What good is being skinny if your body's useless? Although we all grow older, "getting old" is a term to describe a body ....

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    Check out our new website for Fighting Fit Boot Camp!
    We proudly serve the Wells Branch, Pflugerville, and North Austin areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Fitness Kickboxing, Fitness Classes, Yoga and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Youtube ....

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